Adriatic coast of Romagna, is famous not only for its fine golden sandy
beaches and fantastic sunshine but also for its nightlife and shopping , it’s
fascinating scenery and hilltop villages of the hinterland are still waiting to
be discovered. You can find interesting maps of tourist cycling routes
including cycling tracks through the natural park of the river Conca Valley,
on the internet site of the region of Romagna. If you want to get-awayfrom-
it-all our bike and buggy hire shop called Decibelzero is ideal for
you. If you wish, we also provide an expert guide to show you alternative
routes away from busy traffic using small country roads, some of which
are still covered in the romantic characteristic white gravel of the region
which climb slowly up to small medieval towns and villages, rich in
culture, history and beauty of times gone by, where you can enjoy the
silence of nature, the perfume of cultivated field of grain and lose yourself
in the panorama of magnificent coastline scenery.

“Life is like riding a bike:
if you want to stay in balance
you have to move” Albert Einstein

Our objectives
This is the formula for happiness: more often biking… life more beautiful.
It’s in this spirit that was born Decibelzero. With the desire for more opportunities for
themselves but even better if in company, to discover emotions, feelings, tastes of nature,
the pleasures of life that a simple gesture, but hundred of years old, how to climb on the
bike can give us…transfer your energy into motion, ride after ride, feel the breeze of fresh
air on your face, hear sounds, see colors invisible on other occasions, and despite the
effort to have the satisfaction of himself and the nature that surround us.

“Every time I see a person cycling
I think the human race
still has hope” Herbert Georges Wells

What we offer
Our business offers the opportunity to enjoy nature to rent our e-bikes
We guarantee a transfer service with bikes on board towards the most desired places.
We work face to face with the client, providing support before, during and after the rental.
Our service is aimed at individuals but also to groups, associations and tour operators(travel agents,
accommodation, refreshment centers …)
Our team consists of technical staff that takes care of maintenance and perfect setup of the media and tour
operators can better meet our customers’ expectations

How to contact us
Phone Augusto 3397423823 E-mail